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Strong is the new thin!

Do you feel as though you work tirelessly in the gym, eat right and yet still those stubborn pockets of fat wont budge?

Maybe you have sustained and injury or recently had a baby and suffer from diastasis recti?

Safe, 100% effective allows for you to have the strong, sculpted body you deserve!

\Reduce Fat


Safe, Non Invasive

Effective Body sculpting

Highest Trained staff




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Reduce Fat by 19%

Award Winning

One Of UK's Leaders

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Increase Muscle by 16%


Aid Injury Recovery

Why Choose PET?

Your Needs Met -
With Tailormade Treatment Plans

When you decide to invest in yourself, and your own happiness we are invested too.

From the first call our aim is to bring you THE very best treatment at THE very best price.

All our consultants are honest and open about how procedures work and the end results you should receive.

We pride ourselvs on having a full and open channel of communication with our clients to enable you to: 

  • Understand the treatment process
  • Know how quickly you will see results
  • Never have any shock prices
  • Tailor our treatments to suit your needs


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Why Choose
PET Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy?

PET can be made use of to improve the arms.

Applicators for Pulsed electromagnetic Therapy for the Arms and also Calf bones are currently readily available.

Even if it sounds great to be real, the outcomes are truly amazing … New small applicators have been accepted to deal with upper arms (triceps as well as arms) and lower legs with EmSculpt, which is excellent news for both genders (calf bones).

Is PET actually capable of making your butt grow?
It’s possible to contract the gluteus muscles 20,000 times in a 30-minute session with PET – Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy, “which is past what an individual can complete via exercising,” Buttocks will certainly be “tighter as well as firmer

PET for Thigh Toning

Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy was initially approved by the FDA to treat abdominal fat as well as construct muscle mass, however it can currently likewise be used on the upper legs.

Nevertheless, the new thigh therapy, which aims to minimize thigh fat while also toning the muscles in the upper leg, is just offered from a handful of service providers.

PET are proud to be one of them.

Do you have shoulder discomfort?

Even if you see a chiropractic physician as well as a massage therapist on a regular basis, you might still experience discomfort. Try PET on your shoulders if you are experiencing pain there.

There is no question regarding it. Along with feeling much better, you’ll be able to perform jobs that you could not do in the past due to your pain. The shoulders are also a big hit with our clients. As a result, make a consultation today to get the most effective results possible.

PET enhances your core muscular tissues, which can assist your back as well as pelvic muscular tissues because of this. Helps reduce the risk of lower back pain, bad posture, and also general fatigue by enhancing these muscle mass

PET, on the other hand, functions the abdominals to their fullest potential by functioning all four muscle groups concurrently. There are more than 20,000 supramaximal tightening’s in just one 30-minute session.

One month after treatment, scientific trials by Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy show an average fat loss of 26%on stomach and a boost in muscle mass of 16%, along with a reduction in waistline circumference of approximately 2.3 inches (5.9 centimeters).

For this body sculpting treatment, the calves are a popular target. Males and female can accomplish heart-shaped calf bone muscles in just one 30-minute session, no matter their body type. The calf bone muscle mass agreement 20,000 times during a solitary Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy calf bones therapy.

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