Thank you to Tatler magazine for featuring us in the prestigious 2023 Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery Guide.


UK Top Doctor

Our Medical Director, Surgeon and Cosmetic Doctor, Miss Sherina Balaratnam, was again named as one of the UK’s ‘Top Doctors’ for Aesthetic treatments: Read The Tatler Feature


UK Top Doctor For Facial Injectable Treatments

She is also named as of the UK’s Top Doctor’s for injectable treatments, for the fourth consecutive year, amongst a leading group of UK Surgeon’s, Plastic Surgeon’s, Aesthetic Doctors and Dermatologists.


‘I always carry out a facial assessment on each patient, in static and dynamic positions, to identify which areas are showing signs of ageing.’


‘While fillers are obviously scientific formulations, the key ingredient in the ones I use is hyaluronic acid, a water-loving molecule that’s predominantly found in the skin. Essentially we’re restoring what the natural ageing process and daily life has gradually reduced.’


Rather aptly, she describes ageing as a ‘loss of energy’.


Expanding on the theme, she says: ‘You might feel on top of the world, but the anatomical changes might be showing something very different.


So it’s not about transforming a patient and making them look younger; it’s about making them feel empowered, confident and assertive once more.’


Congratulations to Tatler Health + Beauty Editor-at-Large Francesca Ogiermann-White for creating such an engaging, informative and beautifully constructed feature on the UK’s top Doctors and treatments.



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