Is Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy safe for the legs?

Have you been considering calf implants? Yet the thought of surgery scares you?

PET is a non-surgical choice to surgical calves implants if you desire company, toned calves.

This non-surgical therapy is simple, practical, secure, and also most notably, effective.

Not only that Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy is highly effective to slim, tone and firm the thighs.

As a result a single, 30-minute Pulsed Electromagnetic therapy generates greater than 20,000 supramaximal tightening’s! 

Imagine The Effect Of

20,000 Stomach Crunches-

In Just 30 Minutes - That is Why PET is so effective!
PET Works For Thighs & Calves

PET – Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy also known as HIFEM innovation, the muscle-toning power , is what makes it work.

Tones and burns fat at the same time thanks to this brand-new innovation. 

PET is a lot more advanced version or other therapies since it combines two treatments into one.

Along with the normal non surgical fat reducing features, using RF innovation in this therapy assists tighten the skin.

Also this treatment is suitable for individuals with a BMI of approximately 35 or below. 

Why Choose
PET Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy?

Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy’s non-invasive nature suggests that there is no recovery period or need for needles.

Emsculpt or PET sessions, which are also referred to as Emsculpt, can take up to an hour or more if the patient has a lot of treatment areas.

You can sit back and relax while we use PET equipment on your body.

As a result of the powerful muscle contractions, your muscles will become stronger and more toned.

You’ll feel like you’re working out at a gym, but without the sweat!

Even with normal weightlifting for the calf bones, it can be challenging to tone as well as construct muscle.

Unlike other applicators, the calves applicators are designed in a different way.

To maintain them in place, they have bands. The applicator’s performance in these brand-new areas has actually been confirmed through substantial screening.

As a basic regulation, individuals should receive four treatments over a two-week duration, yet this can vary relying on the individual’s specific goals.

In simply two weeks, the PET Small Contour Applicator treatment for calf bones boosts volumetric muscle mass.

This is the fastest non-invasive muscle enhancing procedure presently offered.

There is no downtime needed as a result of the non-invasive nature of this procedure.

There will be no scarring, no pain, as well as no extensive recovery time.

It’s a much better option than calf bone implants in this regard.

After your series of treatments you will have slimmer, more toned thighs.

Whatever you are trying to achieve in this targeted area we can do it.

Say goodbye to flabby skin and excess fat and hello to more toned muscular defined thighs!

After simply 30 minutes of the treatment, its non-invasive electro-magnetic (HIFEM) innovation induces hundreds of contraction equal to 20,000 squats or sit-ups. This leads to a 19 percent loss of fat, and also a 16 percent rise in muscle mass, as confirmed by 7 independent professional research studies.

Using Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy, patients can see the effects of their treatment on the body they are treating.

The progress of some patients may necessitate additional treatments.

Although our experts can give you specific advice on how often you should receive treatment, we generally recommend that all therapies be completed within a 2-4-week period.

The results will last as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Not only that you can build on these results at the gym as well.

Pulsed electromagnetic Therapy works from the outside in.

Supramaximal contractions are applied to the targeted areas via the paddles of the machine.

As you lie there and relax the machine will do all the work.

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Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy is an outstanding choice for individuals that don’t wish for invasive surgery yet still want amazing results – this treatment has zero recovery time.

Discomfort is rarely felt, however if any it is not extreme and common to that of a workout.

You might see some soreness in the cured location for the next few days.


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