An additional of our enjoyable new launches this February, recognized as the ‘Vampire Facial’ treatment method, has arrived at S-Thetics Clinic.


What is the ‘Vampire Facial’
  • Plasma is the liquid component of blood, containing purple & white cells and platelets.
  • These enriched cells are occasionally referred to as ‘liquid gold’ and are a wealthy supply of your bodies very own reparative advancement aspects.

These cells have been revealed to have a large vary of aesthetic rewards, such as:

  1. Stimulate the body’s natural mobile development and generation of collagen
  2. Improve fantastic strains & wrinkles
  3. Enhance skin tone & texture
  4. Stimulate hair expansion and lower hair decline
Which Spots Can Be Addressed?

Deal with, neck, palms, décolletage and the scalp.

Scientific Exploration and Medical Info

Whilst there are numerous distinct technologies out there, right after several years of investigation ourselves, we have decided on to introduce this technologies by Regen Lab technologies.

Extra than 200 scientific experiments have been executed throughout the world with Regen Lab systems, like orthopaedics, orthopaedic surgical procedure, dermatology, trichology, plastic medical procedures, ophthalmology, gynaecology and urology.


Who Are Regen Lab Systems?

Regen Lab are a top innovator of health-related products utilized for autologous regenerative medicine.

Headquartered in Switzerland, to day, they have patented technologies in 160 nations across the globe which have assisted handle more than 2 million individuals in several therapeutic places.


What Is Unique About Our Remedies And Engineering?

In addition to regular treatment method, we also have an increased treatment method solution called CellularMatrix®.

This is made up of a special, patented technologies that makes it possible for us to blend this with with Hyaluronic acid (‘HA’), into a single cure.

When these are mixed, the results are improved and extended. HA results in a bioactive scaffolding in which the platelets progressively release their progress things, combining the positive aspects of the two systems.

This is the first certified gadget that permits the mixture with HA, in compliance with health care unit regulation and excellent scientific observe.


To come across out how you could profit from the ‘Vampire Facial’ cure and to acquire gain of our start offer, be sure to make contact with our group on:

01494 670 990 or information@sthetics.co.uk


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