A further of our remarkable new launches this February, PRP treatment method, has arrived at S-Thetics Clinic.

What is PRP?
  • Plasma is the liquid element of blood, containing purple & white cells and platelets.
  • These enriched cells (the Platelet Rich Plasma or ‘PRP’) are at times referred to as ‘liquid gold’ and are a prosperous resource of your bodies have reparative progress things.

These cells have been revealed to have a vast variety of aesthetic added benefits, which includes:

  1. Promote the body’s purely natural cell development and manufacturing of collagen
  2. Make improvements to fine traces & wrinkles
  3. Boost skin tone & texture
  4. Promote hair advancement and lessen hair loss
Which Parts Can Be Handled?

Deal with, neck, palms, décolletage and the scalp.

Scientific Investigation and Scientific Knowledge

Whilst there are quite a few distinctive PRP technologies available, after several years of study ourselves, we have chosen to introduce PRP by Regen Lab systems.

Extra than 200 medical research have been done around the globe with Regen Lab systems, which include orthopaedics, orthopaedic operation, dermatology, trichology, plastic surgical procedures, ophthalmology, gynaecology and urology.


Who Are Regen Lab Technologies?

Regen Lab are a leading innovator of health care units utilized for autologous regenerative medicine.

Headquartered in Switzerland, to day, they have patented technologies in 160 international locations across the world which have assisted deal with over 2 million sufferers in a variety of therapeutic areas.


What Is Distinctive About Our PRP Treatment options And Know-how?

In addition to common PRP procedure, we also have an increased cure possibility identified as CellularMatrix®.

This includes a unique, patented engineering that makes it possible for us to incorporate PRP with Hyaluronic acid, into a solitary treatment.

When PRP and HA are made use of in mixture these effects are improved and prolonged. HA creates a bioactive scaffolding in which the platelets progressively launch their expansion elements, combining the gains of the two systems.

This is the 1st accredited product that makes it possible for the mix of PRP and HA, in compliance with health-related product regulation and excellent medical practice.


To find out how you could advantage from PRP therapy and to choose advantage of our launch present, make sure you speak to our staff on:

01494 670 990 or information@sthetics.co.british isles