Are you recovering from an injury?

Are you frustrated at the time you are taking to heal?

Here at Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy, our consultants work in open therapy plans to help speed up the healing time and help reduce pain.

PET can aid clients to both heal injuries and repair muscles due to the fact that it reinforces their muscle mass cells.

Combined with physical therapy the innovation can quicken the recovery procedure.



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Speed Your Healing Journey

Are you recovering from an injury

With PET non-invasive therapy -

we can heal and build your body back to health.
PET Speeds Recovery

For Nerve and Muscle Injuries, how does Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy quicken the recovery procedure?

In recent years, medical innovations in the field of nerve and also injury healing have been impressive.

PET – also known as EMSCULPT treatment that was once used exclusively for non surgical cosmetic procedures is now being used to help in the recovery of muscle mass and nerves that have been damaged as a result of illness or injury.

Independent trials show that ALL patients involved had great muscle growth, decreased pain and shorter recovery times.

Why Choose
PET Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy?

Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy’s non-invasive nature suggests that there is no recovery period or need for needles.

Emsculpt or PET sessions, which are also referred to as Emsculpt, can take up to an hour or more if the patient has a lot of treatment areas.

You can sit back and relax while we use PET equipment on your body.

As a result of the powerful muscle contractions, your muscles will become stronger and more toned.

You’ll feel like you’re working out at a gym, but without the sweat!

There is a large range of reasons for back pain.

There are a range of types, consisting of chronic, which is caused by a long-term problem.

Lots of kinds of sharp pain, on the other hand, have much shorter durations.

Scoliosis, herniated discs, muscle mass pressure, joint inflammation, as well as sciatic nerve pain are all possible reasons for back pain.

Enhancing your core can aid boost all of these conditions.

PET was particularly designed to enhance stomach as well as surrounding muscular tissue toughness, that makes it perfect for minimizing neck and back pain.

Using Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy, patients can see the effects of their treatment on the body they are treating.

The progress of some patients may necessitate additional treatments.

Although our experts can give you specific advice on how often you should receive treatment, we generally recommend that all therapies be completed within a 2-4-week period.

If you are recovering from Injury you made need more sessions as you health improves we have an open care plan with many physical therapists and happy to speak to you and your doctor about treatment available.

Pulsed electromagnetic Therapy works from the outside in.

Supramaximal contractions are applied to the targeted areas via the paddles of the machine.

As you lie there and relax the machine will do all the work.

Book your appointment today to speed your healting journey and get you back to being you.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy is an outstanding choice for individuals that don’t wish for invasive surgery yet still want amazing results – this treatment has zero recovery time.

Discomfort is rarely felt, however if any it is not extreme and common to that of a workout.

You might see some soreness in the cured location for the next few days.

We recommend you have sessions done closely together with approval from your doctor or physical therapist.

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