Two Therapies
In One

How is Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy different to other treatments?

PET also known as EMSCULPT is a revolutionary new treatment – combining two incredible results.

  • More Muscle – 
  • Less Fat

In just 1 30 minute session!

No other system incorporates fat decrease with muscle mass growth in on treatment.

You can obtain a more toned, slender, physique  by using Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy ® non-invasive procedures.

In regards to body contouring, PET® is a ground-breaking therapy that has revolutionised non surgical cosmetic treatments.

Want To Reduce Fat

Increase Muscle Mass? -

Now You Can In Just 30 Minutes!
How Does PET Build Muscle Mass?
Effective tightening's are not feasible with voluntary muscle movements, yet Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy ® (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) innovation can cause them.

A person's muscle tissue is forced to adapt to brand-new conditions when they are repeatedly subjected to high levels of contraction.

These super contractions are pain free and some patients say even relaxing!

It reacts by undertaking a considerable remodelling of its internal framework, resulting in the advancement of muscular tissue mass and also the sculpting of your figure.

Build Muscle
How Does PET Reduce Fat Cells?
Electromagnetic power is made use of to turn on the muscular tissues underneath the skin with a paddle-shaped applicator throughout the procedure.

These supramaximal tightening's lead to significant muscular tissue fibre changes.

Free fatty acids flooding fat cells, creating them to die through apoptosis.

This means that not only will you see changes from your first treatment - you will subsequently loose inches long after your treatment.

The Cells will not renew - however you will generate more if you do not stick to a healthy lifestyle.
reduce Fat
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