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Imagine being able to build muscle mass – while reducing fat on your body – all in one treatment and never hitting the gym!

Utilizing high-intensity electromagnetic therapy (HIEMT) we are able to simulate the equivalent of up to 20,000 stomach crunches in just 1 short session.

This FDA approved treatment also known as Emsculpt for the therapy of the abdominal area, buttocks, arms, calf muscle mass, and also thighs.

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Below are some of the conditions pulse electrical magnetic therapy (also know as EMSCULPT) is able to treat through this revolutionary – non invasive treatment:

20,000 Stomach Crunches -
In Just 30 Minutes!
After 4 complete therapies, 7 scientific studies show unmistakable proof of weight & muscle mass increase in treated areas.
Our Customers Reviews
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“I had been working out and lost so much weight, I was frustrated that the final "muffin top" wasnt budging now matter what I did! A friend recommend PET and WOW!!! In 4 short treatments I have the body I have been working so hard for!
Best of all no pain!"

E Rosberg

mark smith

“As I got older, I was finding it harder to get the results that I wanted. I found that y clothes weren't fitting as I wished and I felt self conscious. Within the first session I could see changes I was so pleased! It is the best treatment I have ever had!
Highly recommend"

M Smith


“As a professional dancer, I was thrilled to find a therapy that could not only help my injury recovery - but also build muscle & reduce fat. I did think it was too good to be true - yet the results speak for themselves. I was back on the dance floor much sooner - looking and feeling confident!

B Griffiths

How Does PET Effect Your Body?

What Is A "Supramaximal" Contraction And How Does It Work?

Most Commonly Asked Questions:

To get the most effective results from PET or EMSCULPT, you don’t need to be in peak physical problem.

It is necessary to note, however, that even if you aren’t healthy, you can still take advantage of these treatments.

PET or EMSCULPT is ideal fit to those that have actually currently placed in a great deal of initiative and are looking to develop their skills better.

It is best to see results if you are exercising regularly, but have not yet attained a six-pack and also a distinct buttocks/gluteal area from your crises and cardio.

PET or EMSCULPT therapies are assured to leave you with some sort of experience.

In spite of this, you will certainly not really feel any discomfort.

It’s even more like a hyper-tingly, extreme resonance.

Depending upon your body mass index (BMI), you may really feel drained pipes of power as the feeling increases.

As odd as it may seem, individuals laugh due to a tickling feeling brought on by the extreme resonances. Nonetheless, your body and muscles adapt to the supramaximal tightening’s as the mins tick by.

Due to the fact that your operator will certainly readjust the intensity to your particular needs during this initial adjustment duration, you will certainly never really feel even a tint of pain throughout PET or EMSCULPT.

We advises four x 30-minute treatments in order to accomplish the very best results.

It normally lasts for at the very least 2 weeks (meaning there are 2 treatments per week over that period).

This initial therapy is often complied with by a maintenance treatment every 3 to 6 months afterwards.

Seven research studies examining the impacts of pulsed Electro magnetic Therapy (pet) also known as EMSCULPT on the abdomen as well as buttocks included over 200 people. 

Using CT scans as well as MRI studies, as well as ‘in the past and also after’ pictures as a referral.

Furthermore, the pre- as well as post-treatment measurements of the waistline were thought dramatically changed.

Pulsed Electro magnetic Therapy (pet) also known as EMSCULPT’s efficiency was demonstrated by a series of averages created from the data.

Supramaximal-contraction-based therapies caused an average 19 percent fat loss as well as a 1.5-inch reduction in waistline circumference on the average patient.

Additionally, the boosted muscular tissue mass was 16 percent increase, which was accompanied by an 11 percent decrease in stomach muscle separation.

In addition, fat metabolic process was enhanced by five times, if that wasn’t sufficient to convince you already.

80 percent of parties that took place also noticed a visible lift in their butts.

The most crucial stat is that 96% of patients who participated in the research were pleased with the results.

No. Is EMSCULPT just for the butts and also the ABS?
No. Arms and also calves can additionally be toned and enhanced with the FDA’s authorization. In addition to scientific studies, the treatment of the arms and legs has actually been shown to be efficient in individuals.

As compared to butts and abs, these therapies use a smaller applicator.

Although there is no applicator for the upper legs, some practitioners still use EMSCULPT for this area.

When it pertains to the unfavourable adverse effects, you’ll experience light muscular tissue pain as well as tightness (similar to what you ‘d really feel after an exercise).

PET or EMSCULPT will make you feel better and give you confidence in its effectiveness.

It is non invasive, practically pain free and therefore suitable for everyone.

After your last PT Or EMSCULPT session, many people report seeing outcomes within two to four weeks.

After a few weeks, you’ll notice an obvious renovation in your look.

On top of that, you’ll see results as soon as possible after your sessions.

Throughout the first 3 to six months following a four-session abdominal therapy, the body continues to eliminate dead fat cells.

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